Here are the Galaxy S23’s Secret Convenience Features

 galaxy s23

1) With a single click, you can clip items from your images and movies

Samsung has implemented an image-clipping feature to the Galaxy S23, like Apple did with iOS 16. You can use picture clipping to remove a person or item from the backdrop of any photograph (or even video) in your photo gallery, allowing you to share it with others.


To remove something from a photograph, navigate to your camera roll and tap the object you wish to eliminate. Due to the fact that not all things can be clipped, you may see a message stating “Couldn’t discover anything to clip.” If an object is successfully clipped, you will feel a tiny vibration and be able to slide it around the image. To play videos, they must be paused.


The clip can then be copied to the clipboard, emailed, sent over SMS, or saved as a new snapshot in the gallery.


2) Use your camera to take expert RAW photos

In 2022, Samsung introduced Expert RAW, a new camera application that enables expert photographers to capture images in Expert RAW format. Expert RAW files, similar to RAW files, are uncompressed digital photographs with the extra benefit of multi-exposure HDR, which increases the dynamic range of your images. The only purpose to shoot in Expert RAW is for improved post-capture photo editing. Expert RAW is only accessible via the Expert RAW app on the Galaxy S22. Expert RAW is now integrated into the Galaxy S23’s primary camera, although it must be enabled beforehand.


Scroll down through the Samsung camera choices and select More.


Tap Expert RAW afterwards to be prompted to download the Expert RAW application. You simply need to have the Expert Raw app downloaded on your device, but you won’t need to use it in order to shoot in this mode. Once downloaded, you can use the Expert RAW mode on your camera to capture Expert RAW images.


3) Prioritize battery life above processing speed

Samsung has included a power-saving option to the Galaxy S23, despite the fact that there are various ways to save battery life, such as shutting off your phone, using dark mode, and activating aeroplane mode.

The new Lite mode prioritises battery life and cooling efficiency over processing speed, so your phone will consume less energy without interfering with routine use to conserve battery life.


To enable the new Light performance mode, navigate to Settings and search for “performance profile” One result should be displayed under “Battery and device care.” Tap it. While this feature does not apply to gaming, it may influence the performance of other applications; if you encounter any issues, revert to Standard.


4) Choose which notifications from which apps appear on your lock screen

If your Galaxy S23 is locked, you may not want to get notifications for every programme on the lock screen. Instead of activating Do Not Disturb mode, which prevents all notifications in general, a new feature allows you to tailor what shows on your lock screen.


In the Settings app, navigate to Notifications > Lock screen notifications, then hit the gear symbol next to Display content. A list of the applications on your device will show. Here you can disable particular app alerts from appearing on your lock screen.


5) On the home screen, examine the battery life of all Samsung devices.

Samsung streamlines battery monitoring for Galaxy devices. Under your home screen customization options, you’ll find two new battery widgets that you can add to your home screen to monitor the battery life of your Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, and other devices on your Galaxy S23.


Touch anywhere on the home screen’s empty space to access the Widgets menu. You may now add two additional battery widgets to your home screen: battery status circles on a 41 grid and a battery status list on a 42 grid. If they are connected to your S23, you may view the remaining battery life of your other Samsung devices on the home screen.