What is Hotel API?

      Hotel API is a web service offering online functionality for searching and booking hotels. These Hotel APIs manage rates, availability, and a variety of accommodations allowing you to offer the customer with best options for their ideal stay in a particular city. It will be executed on your travel portal with multiple payment gateway integrations so it will grow client experience. Hotel API is also known as Hotel Booking API.

      FlightsLogic offers a platform where Hotel Bookings can be easily done with an efficient way to build a Hotel Booking Website. Hotel API integration boost your Travel Portal in every aspect, your client or Travel Agent can find the best deal from a large number of Hotel Inventories, book Room, cancel Room, generate tickets for booking and cancellation, etc. very easily and efficiently.

      FlightsLogic Hotel API offers comprehensive descriptions including room types, images, and facilities, of over 7, 00,000+ properties worldwide. As one of the trusted API providers worldwide, our expert team is specialized in Hotel API Integrations and Hotel Booking Website Development. All our services are integrated, tested, and maintained by our expert team of professionals.

      FlightsLogic Team has a great experience in API integration and Travel technology. We have a tailor-made solution for major Hotel API suppliers. We offer a hotel booking system for Travel Agencies or DMCs who have their business in B2B as well as in the B2C market.

      We also offer ready-made or white-label travel solution for Hotel Booking Services having inbuilt Hotel API Integration, allowing you to use real-time fares and availability, amenities, and all other important information, as well as the range of suitability of hotel rooms. API Integration offers a better way to develop your hotel booking platform using content from multiple supplier sources that can accurately match your customers.

How Hotel API work and who offer Best Hotel API for Hotel Business?

      Hotel API develop on travel agent existing travel portal based on their requirements and get hotel data from global hotel suppliers to simplify hotel search and booking process to deliver best customer experience.

      If you would like to build the Best Hotel Booking Experience than deliver a large inventory with the best quality accommodation at a competitive price. Develop Travel Website with Hotel API functionality.

      In global time, Hotels have many room types, images, and facilities. Our Developer offers you the best Hotel API which gives you real-time hotel rates & availabilities and hotel booking/cancellation reports.

      With these integration of Hotel API, travel agent get the all hotel data such as hotel information like hotel name, location, longitude, latitude, hotel room pricing, hotel room accessibility, hotel facilities and other features from global hotel supplier.

      With these Hotel APIs, travel agents get straight hotel bookings through the online booking portal. Also offer additional hotel search and book functionality for a client based on price, star categories, and review.

      FlightsLogic travel Technology Company offers best hotel API which provide searching and booking hotels online functionality and get best customer experience and increase more revenues for Travel Agents, Travel Agency, Hoteliers, Tour Operators and Travel Management Company.

      Based on your requirement, integrate Hotel API in your Travel Portal to convert visitors into successful bookings and increase your business in travel industry.

What are benefits of Hotel Booking API?

FlightsLogic Hotel API Provider provides you the best Hotel API Benefits:

      Easily integrate in your existing system.

      Automate hotel booking and payment process.

      Online hotel search and book functionality.

      Wide variety of accommodations

      Simplify hotel booking process.

      Instant booking confirmation for hotels.

      Allows hotel booking cancellation

      Increases brand presence in international market.

      Option to change/amend hotel booking

      Function of mapping and de-duplication

      Custom-design solution

      Less time-consuming

      Insight into business profits.

Which are key features of Hotel Booking API?

FlightsLogic Hotel API Provider provides you the best Hotel Booking API features:

      Booking Process Easily.

      Reservation confirmation/cancellation/amended is instantly sent to hoteliers.

      Convenient reservation delivery

      Vast hotel listing ability.

      Allow room type listing.

      Multiple payment gateway integration.

      Multilanguage and multicurrency feature.

      Allows creation of promo codes / corporate rate.

      Require no commission.

      Customize theme and color.

      Allow interface with social booking buttons.

      Integration with property management systems.

Why Choose Us?

      FlightsLogic presents easy to use and user-friendly Hotel API for the global travel market. It assists the travel and tourism industry to grow their business by giving effective and reasonable Hotel API Integration solution.

      Our Hotel API was created to make sure all real-time requirements of small-medium travel agents and guests, even once it’s integrated into your website; it’s going to allow your clientele and your travel business access to an outstanding selection of services.


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