5 tips for zero-waste party planning that you might not have thought of

It has been a long time since sustainable practices were a matter that only some people would be expected to embrace or account for, in certain specific aspects of life. Today, it is only right that even party planning should be done with an eco-conscious mindset, to help protect the only planet Earth that we have. 


Here at Caiger & Co, we will always be keen proponents of environmentally friendly party planning. But what are some of the steps that you could take to help minimise waste when you are next organising a special event? 


Below, we’ve set out some of those measures that you may not have considered – and which could also be cheap and easy to implement. 


Ask that attendees don’t bring cards or presents 


While it is a relatively obvious tip when planning a sustainable party to set a certain tone from the outset by sending invites digitally or by text rather than on card or paper, you might go further in your minimalism by further requesting that guests don’t bring cards or presents. You may, though, tell them that it’s OK to send online gift cards instead of bringing physical gifts. 


Any gift-giving element that there might have otherwise been at your party, could be substituted for the reading of a few quotes or words by attendees. Don’t forget to also make it clear in your invitations why you are reducing the materialistic aspects of your party as far as possible. 


Consume the contents of your freezer in the run-up to the party 


There will almost certainly be leftovers from your upcoming party – however ambitious the event planning turns out to be. 


So, it could be a good decision in the weeks leading up to your party to defrost and eat the food that is already in your freezer, to help free up what could be vital space. 


Share leftover food with the neighbourhood 


In the event that you do run out of space in your freezer for leftovers, you might choose to practise social responsibility by offering remaining food via local Facebook groups or neighbourhood groups, and/or donating any unopened dried or tinned items to food banks. 


Of course, in these instances, it will be important to clearly communicate whether any items have been opened, along with their ‘use by’ dates. 


Be resourceful in your use of decorations 


Decorations often account for a sizeable proportion of the waste that even an otherwise sustainable party generates. So, if you are serious about following a ‘zero-waste’ philosophy, you are advised to minimise your use of decorations in the first place, as well as to use as many recyclable and compostable decorations as possible. 


Your practices here might also involve the use of upcycled decorations, drawing upon items in the house – such as glass jars – that you may have previously used for other purposes. 


Set up a waste management and segregation station at the party 


Sometimes, even when you do impress upon all of your guests the importance of going along with the zero-waste ethos of your party, not everyone will ‘get the memo’. They might turn up with plastic-packaged gifts or other non-biodegradable items, and you will naturally need to be polite to them if they do – after all, they may have genuinely missed or misunderstood your instruction. 


However, the setting-up of a waste management station at your event could help you keep track of such items that could easily imperil your event’s environmental friendliness. 


These are, of course, just some of the pointers that could help ensure your next party lives up to eco-friendly credentials, while representing a hugely memorable event for many other excellent reasons. Reach out to Caiger & Co today, and we will be delighted to introduce you to the full-package event planning that you might be seeking for your next bash.


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