Have you ever prepared a delicious supper, cleaned your home, put on some nice clothes, and set the table only to forget to invite guests? Probably not. So why does a similar scenario occur more often than not when it comes to video promotion?

A stunning video that you’ve spent weeks planning, filming, and editing seems to be going unnoticed. Don’t be too harsh on your video production skills; it’s more likely that you haven’t made the necessary efforts to share and promote them.

You may be wondering, “So… How much does this cost?” As it turns out, there are a variety of free methods you may use to improve the amount of views on your videos. These low-cost suggestions will help you understand why you should Buy YouTube Promotion.

1. Incorporate a video thumbnail into your email newsletter

Perhaps the simplest and most effective way to get your films seen is to send them to people who are already interested in your business. Send them your best material (like your videos!). You have their email for a reason, whether they filled out a form or subscribed to your newsletter.

Although there are tools like Wistia that can help you effectively merge video and email, trying to embed movies directly in your emails will present many technological problems. By adding the email merge tag into your email, Wistia will display your video’s thumbnail and direct viewers to it.

Since you’re probably already using email marketing and aren’t (hopefully) buying email lists, this advertising strategy will help you gain visibility while keeping your wallet happy.

2. Produce a video campaign with a targeted audience in mind.

The likelihood that your organic video posts on social media will be seen is really low, so let’s start there. On the bright side, you may advertise on Facebook and Twitter with specific audiences on a tight budget. If your campaigns are set up correctly, you can significantly increase your video views at a very low cost.

Both platforms allow you to establish campaigns with the goal of boosting video views. By defining a total and daily budget, specified campaign periods, and too detailed audiences, you can effectively reach receptive viewers. You might decide to target women farmers between the ages of 23 and 31 who frequently buy imported beer.

Find the sweet spot for discovering potential leads based on what you already know about your audience, keeping in mind that over-targeting could prohibit your advertising from being viewed by anyone. You can provide a list of your current customers or create a lookalike audience to find people who are similar to your existing client base.

3. Position your videos above the fold

The play rate of your video improves with its placement on your page. This is not very surprising, but we were able to confirm it after testing 95,000 landing pages. View the interesting graph below to see how more people watch the videos that are located higher on the page.

You’re not just limited to promoting your video content outside of your website. Most likely, you aren’t putting your videos on pages with a lot of traffic, like your homepage and “About Us” page. Never be afraid to include videos on your pages. You’re frequently doing your visitors a service by helping them consume content in a more effective and interesting way.

4. Include links to video landing pages in email signatures

Considering how simple and clear this advice is, it seems odd to write it, but many marketers ignore it. Including a clear link to a website in an email signature doesn’t cost anything, and depending on how many people are interacting with leads and customers, the impact on growing views might be significant. The majority of sales, marketing, and support teams interact with a variety of people each day; take advantage of these interactions to spread the word about your video content.

At Wistia, we frequently engage in this! For instance, one of our goals when organising CouchCon, a virtual conference, last year was to boost attendance. In order to encourage users to register, the bulk of our customer-facing employees changed their email signatures. Here’s an illustration from customer success agent Keara.

5. Include share buttons next to or in your video player

Another straightforward and cost-free method to increase views is to make it as simple as possible for people to share your video. If it’s as good as you think it is, people will undoubtedly agree with you and feel compelled to tell their friends about it.

The master of digital publications is the share button. You may see this tactic in action on your preferred news source. Check out this Wired video; both the video player and the article page include share buttons. 

6. Make your video the most prominent item on your Twitter feed

By pinning a tweet, you can maximise its visibility by keeping it at the top of your account. Politicians comment on recent events, comedians showcase their funniest material, and celebrities advertise their initiatives or charitable causes. Put your completed work at the top of your feed once you are satisfied with it so that people know where to look.

According to Buffer, pinned tweets increase conversions by 10X. Pinning it will help you get more views for your video, so do that and watch them come in! Check out our year-end “rap-up,” which we recently pinned to the top, on our Twitter feed. 

7. Add a link to your biography

Similar to pinning a tweet to the top of your profile, including a video link in your social bio can draw in users who are eager to learn more about your company. Your business’ “link in bio” can be changed at any time, so use this prime real estate to highlight your most well-liked videos. Depending on the size of your audience, you might also want to think about promoting your videos on your own page.

You can do this on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, depending on the networks you frequently use to publish your content and interact with potential clients. 

8. Post a video teaser on Instagram

The most popular component of Instagram, which is currently the third most popular social networking app, is Instagram Stories. These brief, bite-sized updates are easy to digest and endlessly watchable, just like brain candy. It’s a great way to raise interest in fresh material and spread the word by sharing a clip of your most recent video on Instagram (and especially Stories).

Of course, it might be challenging to build a lot of momentum with organic content if you don’t already have a loyal audience. You’ll have a better chance of success if you already use Instagram and have a presence there, but even if you don’t, you can experiment with targeted ads in the Instagram feed or in Stories. You can easily target your ideal audience using the Facebook ads manager, establish a modest budget, and allow the advertisements to run. 

9. Create a referral system

Instant access to people you know, have known, or want to know is one of the most alluring features of social networking. If you’ve taken the time to build a network, you’ll be able to ping your contacts for assistance with video marketing as long as you also promote other videos.

Instead of paying websites to advertise your products, ask other online marketers to engage in a casual content swap. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to strike a deal when the favour is returned. Send a few emails to the marketers in your current network, offering to reciprocate and quickly outlining why your video will be significant to their audience.

Even without formal agreements, you can create a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. You may start using reciprocity right away. Post a video from a firm you respect on your social media sites to let them know you found it. They might do the same for you as well!

10. Start a discussion on Twitter

You should without a doubt join the trend of tweet threads, which is now one of the most well-liked social media trends among company executives.

Simply put, a twitter thread is a collection of brief observations linked together to tell a story. To begin a thread, simply press the “+” button while writing a tweet.

More context and tension can be added by using a thread rather than a single tweet to tell a story. As a result, you might generate anticipation for your video by educating readers and luring them to view it.

11. Get involved in professional communities

To spark discussion about your films, look for online communities that are grouped around your areas of expertise. Reddit and Facebook are also great places to start. View the number of views this video has had on the r/Entrepreneurship subreddit, which has more than 12,000 users!

Not only will more people watch your movie, but you’ll also start to establish trust with people who are interested in the problems and causes you’re trying to solve. When the time is right, publish a response to someone else’s posting after starting by leaving comments on others’. As a result of your authority and high reputation, people will take note of your job!

12. Present your video at an event

Is there a quick trick you can do to get more people to watch your videos? Take your video to a gathering! Sharing an educational or entertaining video may really make your presentation come to life and expose your video content to a wider audience, new target market, whether it’s a large in-person conference or a small online gathering.


Create a video for your presentation if you want to be truly original. For his presentation at MozCon 2020, Michael King of iPullRank successfully accomplished this. His team produced a 30-minute video that explained complex technical SEO strategies in an approachable and, dare we say, entertaining way. Watch the full video for more suggestions.


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