Best 6 Sites To Submit A Free Music Blog 2023

Music blogs are a splendid method for getting your voice and music heard. All in all, which are the best websites to present your tunes to and what are your possibilities being highlighted?


Where might you at any point present your music online on get taken note? Whether you play independent music, hip-jump, or simply need to gain appreciation from A&R, presenting your music to a blog is a simple task to being taken note.


Hoping to present your music to a music blog? This article we have traversed the best 6 Sites to Submit A Free Music Blog with our manual for the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Music blogs that need your music


An inquiry that we get posed to a great deal is: how might I get my music heard by record labels for nothing? The response is that music sites are an incredible and successful method for doing this.


Submit music to blogs for nothing


These sites beneath are basically free, two of the destinations request a charge that is around 50 cents, but this gets you composed input, and ensures that they will pay attention to essentially a moment of your tune and answer in 48 hours or less.


This all appears to be an exceptionally fair compromise for not exactly the expense of a stamp, AND your cash back on the off chance that this isn’t accomplished! Try to peruse on to see where you need you present your music…



To start it off, and as it should be, Melobeam was named one of the Main 10 blogs and Top 100 around the world! Their site asserts that their readership incorporates: record names, distributers, the executives organizations, radio broadcasts, PR and sync organizations.


Melobeam  is a multi-classification blog, open tolerating entries for most music kinds. It’s not difficult to apply simply head over to their site and present a connection from SoundCloud/YouTube/Spotify/and so on.


Pros and cons:


·         They’re a huge stage and one of the main US music websites.

·         They acknowledge a wide assortment of kinds.

·         It’s not difficult to submit,

·         You can link your music, and also can submit one track.


2.High Clouds


High Clouds is a music blog, began in Belgium that marks itself the “Music Junkies Holy Bible”. They do collection highlights as well as articles on new and impending artists.


Their accommodation is basic and goes through two stages. SubmitHub, which is utilized for singles or a music video, and HumanHuman is utilized for EP/LP entries. The advantage of utilizing SubmitHub is that you get a reaction in something like 48 hours with no less than 10 expressions of criticism, and on HumanHuman you are distributing to a local area of tastemakers, comprising of music bloggers, A&Rs, radio experts, celebration coordinators, and that’s just the beginning.


HighClouds likewise picks one weekly album haphazardly and composes a component about it which will remain on the principal page of their site for no less than 5 days.


You really do need to pay for your accommodation, yet it’s 50 pennies (around 50p), and in the event that your melody isn’t utilized or highlighted, this credit is discounted back to you


Pros and cons:


·         Submitting melodies, recordings, LP’s and Ep is simple.

·         There’s an random EP included each week

·         They have an incredible community of various kinds of individuals.

·         There’s an expense to apply, despite the fact that it’s just 50 pence.


3.Indie Shuffle


Indie Shuffle is an incredible straightforward blog that posts new music, it even has its own telephone applications which can greatly assist with openness. The fundamental classes that they advocate are Non mainstream Rock, Hip-Bounce, Electronic, and all the subgenres that go under those.


Same like High Clouds, Non mainstream Mix utilizes SubmitHub (Jason Grishkoff, who made Indie Shuffle likewise made SubmitHub) .


Indie Shuffle has a Best New Melodies segment and each track has a ‘seems like’ which assists with finding music like what you appreciate, there’s even a ‘Best of every month’ playlist given.


One more extraordinary component of Indie Shuffle is the arbitrary tunes choice, so regardless of whether you’re not included on the best evaluated, your music will in any case be heard on the irregular determination.


Pros and cons:


·         From the maker of SubmitHub, and that implies that is impeccably used.

·         It’s to a greater extent a specialty market for types, so on the off chance that your music falls under these classes, you get a more designated crowd.

·         The Random Music page implies that you are consistently in with a possibility getting heard, in any event, beginning.

·         They offer mobile app

·         They acknowledge free entries.

·         Not all kinds are distributed, so on the off chance that you don’t can be categorized as one of these classes, you’re more probably not going to be picked.




Stereofox is a blog that has proposals, interviews, collection surveys, artists blends, and live film of specialists. They transfer content that they like to YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify and the class that they incorporate are: R&B, Independent Electronic, Instrumental, Neo-Soul, Downtempo.


Stereofox is an incredible blog to get your music onto but at the same time isn’t as clear to submit to, however in the event that you go to their contact page, they truly do utilize SubmitHub 


They additionally unequivocally express: “No straight-up pop, autotunes, EDM, truly in-your-face trap. As ambiguous as it might sound – no limits in those types.”


Pros and cons:


·         They’re an incredible blog with heaps of music.

·         They use SubmitHub and have an extraordinary rating, distributing most supported entries.

·         It’s an exceptionally proficient site, which can assist with openness.

·         “No straight-up pop, autotunes, EDM, truly bad-to-the-bone snare. As unclear as it might sound no extremes in this genres” – Ensure your music doesn’t can be categorized as one of these classes.

·         Doesn’t acknowledge free entries (albeit this is just 50 penny – 1 dollar – under £1).


5.Xune Mag


Xune Mag is a web-based magazine with the sole point of revealing autonomous, and arising specialists across the world and they do precisely exact thing it says on the tin! Xune includes new and impending artists, discharge collection/EP/mixtape audits, and do interviews with forthcoming artists.


It’s not difficult to figure out how to submit music simply head over to their site, you might have to like or share the Facebook page or offer Xune Mag on Twitter, yet they then ask that all music and press releases ought to be messaged to them.


Xune Mag likewise offers a surefire situation include with a £30 gift, which is towards supporting free music.


Pros and cons:


·         They post interviews, music surveys, live execution audits on forthcoming specialists.

·         All classifications of music invited.

·         £30 gift promises you an feature, which over the long haul could be worth very much more to you than £30.

·         Because of high volumes, you can’t be ensured that your music is posted, or even paid attention to by any stretch of the imagination without giving.

·         They get such a high volume of posts Might diminish your possibilities being heard, however this could be a positive as well, as more openness.


6. Indie Mono


Indie Mono is a self-declared “Indie Curators of Spotify Playlists” and that is precisely exact thing they do. Submitting music is basic, make a beeline for their accommodation page, then you select a ‘crate’ that your music best squeezes into.


After submittion, they will glance through, and whenever endorsed add your music to one of their many Spotify playlists

 IndieMono’s top playlist is Sad Songs so assuming that is your message, make a point to submit to the sad/love box.

 Pros and cons:


·    The playlists join known artists with promising.

·         They have a monster scope of playlists for any time or state of mind.

·         You must have music transferred to Spotify, and ordinarily should be to somewhat established.

    Certain playlist have under 100 endorsers so may not get you substantially more openness.


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