Best Music Blog Submission In 2023

Whether you’re into folk music, country, rock, or rap, all of us are energetic about our #1 groups and musicians. Music blogs are a fundamental wellspring of data to channel our interest for the most recent news or gossip about with respect to our most cherished groups. Music Blog Submission welcomes us to new data consistently, and when a blog is firmly lined up with our own music preferences, it’s an extraordinary method to promote new music, to prevent our listening choices from becoming old. At the point when you buy into a music blog, you’ll constantly be quick to catch wind of new releases, and you won’t ever pass up on the valuable chance to get tickets for that ‘must-see’ show


Best Music Blogs Submissions


1.Consequence Of Sound

 Known for its exactness and unwavering quality, New York-based Consequence of Sound is one of the most incredible music blogs. With a few posts consistently, you’re generally on top of the most recent improvements in the music world when you read the Consequence of Sound blog. Covering many points, you can understand albums and read reviews, figure out what’s coming out in respect to albums and concerts, and you’ll be quick to hear when a musician features in the news or has something fascinating to say.

 2.This Song Is Sick

This Song Is Sick is a fabulous blog for the both performers and fans. With an emphasis on new talent, from non mainstream to hip-hop, it’s one of the most incredible hip-hop blogs to submit music to, with arising artists being routinely included. It’s an incredible spot to get some additional openness. The point of the site is to make it simple to track down new music and find out new tunes. Some of the time 

 3.Pigeons & Planes

Follow Pigeons and Planes and remain in front of the group with regards to finding rising talent. This is one of the most mind-blowing sites for new music, with a consistent eye out for those artists that are near the very edge of a leap forward yet haven’t yet come to the standard music world. With a standard rundown of artists to pay special attention to, you’ll find astounding unsigned artists and gifted free performers across many types of genres from popular to electronic music and hip-hop.

 4.Pop Matters

Covering all parts of mainstream society, this site expects to teach however much it entertains, so you’ll find articles seeing topics, for example, well known music that go somewhat more profound than numerous different blogs. A remarkable specialty makes this one of the most incredible academic music blogs around. Sprouting journalists can present their own work to be remembered for the blog as well. This an extraordinary opportunity to welcome your point of view on your #1 music to a more extensive crowd.


Stereogum, oneself announced world’s best music blog, was set up in 2002 and has been pressing onward since. Highlighting an extensive variety of music-related content including reviews, meetings, and fun records, alongside normal segments presenting to you the most recent news from the universe of popular music. There’s likewise areas of strong media presence with news things posted consistently.

 6.Indie Shuffle

One of the most incredible new non mainstream music blogs, Indie Shuffle is an all inclusive resource for finding new independent groups. The thought behind the site is to imitate the course of companions prescribing incredible new musicians to one another. So Indie Shuffle brings proposals from a group of worldwide writers with tastes that likely could be lined up with yours. While indie music is clearly a prevalent sort for this blog, you’ll likewise find a decent scope of other music styles highlighted like rock, hip-hop, and electronic.


Mixmag is without a doubt one of the most incredible electronic music blogs. Beginning life as a print magazine, back in 1982, Mixmag has consistently had a colossal following, and the change to a more computerized based presence has been a simple one. It’s a go-to blog for anyone with any interest in electronic and dance music, with all the most recent news from the top clubs and enormous name DJs.

 8.Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut positively merits its place among the best American websites. With an emphasis on electronic dance music, the site covers a scope of related points like live performances and shows close by surveys and industry news. Dancing Astronaut music bloggers post consistently, so there’s a new thing to read consistently.

Dubbed the conclusive voice of electronic dance music, EDM is a community focused blog with an accentuation on motivation and information. For fans, there’s an abundance of data and news with interviews and new releases, and for artists, this is maybe one of the most incredible music gear blog, with standard elements in regards to the most recent DJ innovation ideas and best buys. So whether you’re an industry veteran searching for the most recent data, or an electronic dance music fan looking for new music or occasions, EDM is positively certainly worth looking at.

10.Run The Trap

Fans of trap music, hip hop, and club tunes will see the value in that Run the Trap is one of the most outstanding underground music blog. The site vows to just post the exceptionally greatest quality work at their site, with all highlights being painstakingly chosen from among an abundance of underground bass music genres. Likewise, the site additionally draws out into the open the designs and styles of the underground snare music culture. With posts on a close everyday schedule, the content is in every case new and new.


11.Metal Injection

Some say this is one of the most amazing heavy metal websites of all, and it positively

has sufficient substance to keep any metalhead all around engaged. There’s all the most recent news and album reviews, alongside a photograph segment, an exhaustive artist registry, and a lot of media to appreciate with videos and podcasts


12.Music Business Worldwide

Music Business Worldwide brings an abundance of information and data to anybody working or expecting to work, in the music business. One of the most outstanding music websites for performers, it’s not difficult to explore and keeps those in the business side by side of all the most recent news, changes in regulation, and all parts of the music business’ most recent developments from around the globe.





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