Frozen chicken breast in the air fryer

Did you forget to take the chicken out of the freezer in time? No problem! This recipe for frozen chicken breast in the air fryer will save the day. Or at least dinner!

Really, all you have to do is to season the frozen parts, place them in the fryer, and flip them once during the cooking time. The result: tender juicy breast, golden, nicely seasoned, healthy, and ready to be served in a million different ways.

This must be my most-cooked Toshiba air fryer recipe. I use it a lot for many different things, like quick French fries, other meats, side dishes like carrots or zucchini, and so on, but this frozen chicken breast Toshiba air fryer recipe has turned into a regular.

The best thing about it – except its being delicious and quick – it’s the fact that I can use it even if I forget to defrost the meat in time. And it just goes with anything. I often cook some spicy basmati rice on the side (because basmati also cooks quicker than other rice sorts), I slice it and serve it on salad, I use it for enchiladas or I slice it thinly and make sandwiches. The possibilities are endless…

How to cook frozen chicken breast Toshiba air fryer?

1. Preheat the machine according to its instructions. This step is not always necessary; it depends on your kitchen gadget. I need to preheat mine for 3 minutes so that it has a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius/ 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Spray or rub the chicken with oil.

3. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and spices.

4. Cook for 10 minutes.

5. Flip and cook for a further 5 minutes.

Cooking frozen chicken takes only a few minutes more than cooking fresh meat, about 5 minutes longer.

Roughly, you will need 15 minutes per 2,5 cm/ 1 inch, slightly more or less depending on the thickness of the breast piece. The cooking time depends more on the thickness of the pieces than on their weight.

The best way of checking is using a meat thermometer; the internal temperature measured by inserting the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat should be 74 degrees Celsius/ 165 degrees Fahrenheit (Amazon affiliate link).

I had three pieces of chicken, a total of 500 g/ 1.1 lbs. Each piece weighed roughly 150-170 g/ 5.3-6 oz and was about 1 inch thick, so they needed 15 minutes.

If your pieces are smaller, check after 10-12 minutes already. If the pieces are thicker, just add more minutes to the cooking time and check again regularly until the required internal temperature is achieved.



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