Gear Cutting in stock

Gear Cutting in stock Minchen has a complete and rich experiences production team to produce the high accuracy spiral bevel gears and other relate service. Our employees have been taken career training to make sure the manufacturing process completely and quality control. Although there are lots of manufactures to produce gears or gearbox in the market, the variety of quality cause the customers’ complications and unstable use on the manufacturing, so Minchen invests in the production and development of the high quality and accuracy which widely favors by the market to provide a powerful and compliant products for users continuously. In addition to high level of gear application software of U.S. GLEASON CAGE and Germany KLINGELNBERG KIMOS, we have also developed various software that are compatible with U.S. GLEASON gear cutting design analysis software to provide customers with more accurate and professional gear design services. In recent years, we invest a lot of resources in relevant precision forging, precision casting, precision powder, and precision plastic gear mold design as well as development and manufacturing works and we have earned product certifications by manufacturers in U.S., Japan, and Europe. Furthermore, Minchen value the education for employees. No matter to increase self-working ability or other filed knowledge, it’s all important to employees and team. There are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 certified in Minchen. CNC Cutting Machine 鈼?GLEASON PHOENIX庐II 275HC鈼?Klingelnberg C27 鈼?PHOENIX庐 280C- – Cutting Machine 鈼?GLEASON NO.106 Hypoid Generator 鈼?GLEASON NO.116 Hypoid Generator 鈼?GLEASON NO.26 Hypoid Generator 鈼?GLEASON NO.112 Hypoid Rougher 鈼?GLEASON NO.112 Hypoid Finisher 鈼?GLEASON NO.104 Straight Bevel Coniflex Generator Material & Hardness Checking 鈼?Rockwell hardness tester鈼?Micro Vickers hardness tester 鈼?Brinell Hardness tester鈼?Surface Roughness Tester 鈼?Optical Emission Spectrometers鈼?METALLOGRAPHIC PRECISE CUTTING MACHIN 鈼?METALLOGRAPHIC MOUNTING PRESS MACHINE鈼?METALLOGRAPHIC GRINDING & POLISHING MACHINE Geometric Measurement 鈼?Klingelnberg P40 Machine 鈼?Coordinate Measuring Machine 鈼?Profile Projector 鈼?Digital Height Gage 鈼?Jenoptik mahr shafts scope Machine Contact Pattern Checking 鈼?GLEASON PHOENIX 600HTT 鈼?GLEASON NO.502 鈼?GLEASON NO.17A 鈼?GLEASON NO6 鈼?GLEASON NO12 鈼?GLEASON UBT-20 鈼?GLEASON YB9550 鈼? TSUNASHIMA UBT-20 Furthermore, we have confidence in our products quality, and also can provide the best products to clients. We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF16949 certified. Minchen would like to be the best gear manufacture of the world. Q&A Q1: How about the quality? –Minchen prides itself for superior innovation and is highly devoted to R&D. Our R&D Lab is staffed by professional with Ph.D degrees in gear manufacturing. — We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF16949 certified, high quality production, bringing a high performance products. We constantly strive to design and produce the best gear designs money can buy because quality is our first priority. Q2: What is the industry use for? –It stretch over the Machine Tool, Outboard engine, Reducer, Automobile, Agricultural Machines, Forklift, ATV, UTV, Pneumatic Tool, and Robot, any kinds of industry can be application; therefore, our production of the goods must fit in with the need of the society.Gear Cutting in stock website:


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