Heat Pump for Home companies

Heat Pump for Home companies The commercial triple heat pump adopts environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and high-efficiency. The commercial heat pump mainly provides domestic hot water, central heating and cooling for residential or commercial places. It can supply 55掳C (up to 60掳C) hot water 24 hours a day and works well in areas above -7掳C. Meet the different needs of the environment and hot water throughout the year. BrandPROME Product CategoryHome Air Source Heat Pump FunctionHeating, cooling, and domestic water Energy labelA+++ COP4.5-5.15 The refrigerantR32 Power model8KW, 10KW, 12KW, 14KW, 16KW Noise levelSound power Level3 Outdoor air temperature range-25鈩?43鈩?/p> Feature: 1. The use of R32 environmentally friendly and high-efficiency refrigerant is green and environmentally friendly, and it can also efficiently heat at low temperature -30 掳C. 2. Using a DC inverter compressor, the ability to achieve stepless adjustment, output on demand, energy saving, and peak efficiency. 3. Adopt high-efficiency water-side heat exchangers and high-efficiency heat exchange tube technology to reduce the volume of the heat exchanger and improve heat exchange efficiency. 4. The high-efficiency air side heat exchanger is adopted, which integrates high-efficiency fins, high-efficiency heat exchange tubes, corrosion-resistant metals, and additional technologies, which considerably improves the energy efficiency and life of the unit. 5. Adopt current vortex fan blades and high-efficiency motors, which not only have low noise but also can improve heat exchange performance and reduce energy consumption.Heat Pump for Home companies website:http://www.prome-e.com/heat-pump-for-home/


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