How do I log in to MetaMask on my iPhone?

Fortunately, MetaMask not only works on a desktop but also works on mobile phones as well. Although, earlier it was developed only for the desktop users but soon after they realized that the users must be looking for a compatible platform through which they can use MetaMask on their smartphones. Thus, all the smartphone users would be happy to learn the fact that they can use MetaMask through the MetaMask mobile app. And most importantly, the same MetaMask log in credentials can be used for signing on a desktop or mobile phone.

Desktop users who use the web extension of MetaMask must have created their accounts and the MetaMask sign in passwords. However, those users who have forgotten their password need to understand the fact that they can log in and access their accounts by using the secret recovery phrase that was provided to them during the account creation.

Therefore, we will be walking you through the process to log in to MetaMask with the help of the password and secret recovery phrase as well. So, let’s begin.

MetaMask log in with a password (on iPhone)

On your iPhone, make sure that you have installed the MetaMask application. If you haven’t done that already, here are the easy steps that you are required to follow to install the app and undergo the login process:

  1. To begin, you need to visit 
  2. Choose the “iOS” tab and then select “Install MetaMask for iPhone”
  3. Thereon, click on the “Get” option to get the app downloaded on your device
  4. Next up, what you need to do is, click the “Log In” button
  5. Type your MetaMask sign in password carefully and complete the verification process

MetaMask sign in with a secret recovery phrase (on iPhone)

If you have forgotten your log-in password but have access to the secret recovery phrase, then you can follow the easy steps that are listed below:

  1. Open the pre-downloaded MetaMask application on your iPhone
  2. Now, if you are logged out of your wallet, you will see two options
  3. One is to create a new wallet and the other one is to restore the wallet
  4. To gain access to your wallet, you can click on the second option
  5. Then, you will be asked to enter your secret recovery phrase
  6. Enter the phrase words carefully and you’ll be logged in



For a quick MetaMask log in on your iPhone, you can either use your password or secret recovery phrase. The process to sign in through two different methods has been listed above here in this article and you can follow any of the methods based on your preference. Just make sure that you never disclose your recovery phrase because it may lead to account hacking. 


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