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ALCOFIND, a brand of DA Tech, is an ignition interlock device manufacturer in Korea. It was established in February 2002 with the intention of creating high-tech products that combine digital and analogue technologies. 

ALCOFIND has grown into a specialist breathalyzer company recognized in the global market for its superior products and years of accumulated technical expertise as a result of breathalyzer research and development.

ALCOFIND succeeded in commercializing breathalyzers using fuel cell sensors with the highest accuracy and reliability on the market for the first time in Korea. They were named a Global Small Hidden Champion and a World-Class Product Manufacturer by the Korean government, and they are quickly becoming a global leader. 

ALCOFIND AF-i1 Ignition Interlock Device Product 

The ALCOFIND AF-i1 is equipped with a premium Fuel Cell Sensor and is designed to prevent drunk driving by preventing the engine from starting if it exceeds a predetermined level after checking the driver’s alcohol level. 

Features of AF-i1 Ignition Interlock Device

Ø  Premium fuel cell sensor

Ø  Advanced features to prevent circumvention

(Sense the temperature, humidity, flow rate, and air volume of breath sample to prevent the manipulation)

(Sense the vehicle engine to prevent the start of vehicle without an accepted test)

(Sense the vehicle voltage to prevent the removal of Interlock system from the vehicle)

Ø  Service and calibration reminder

Ø  Store around 200,000 events with date and time

(Every relevant event that the driver uses with the vehicle is recorded in both of handset and control box)

Ø  Manage and download data, and adjust operation settings through the ALCOFIND software

Ø  Working under extreme conditions 

If you are looking for an ignition interlock device and fuel cell breathalyzers manufacturer, you can find it at ALCOFIND

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