Personalized Bubble Mailers

In addition to helping your customers remember your brand, appealing packaging can also motivate them to make additional purchases and retain them as customers. 

And in this case, Package N’go not only offers you the best packaging options for your specific product based on customer research, but also aids in building your recognizable brand.


Our  personalized bubble mailers and customized poly mailer perfectly matches your all e-commerce needs. 

Package N’go features customized poly mailers that are ideal for most of the items available in many colors. A lightweight, thin and waterproof mailer is easy to carry and sustains itself in any weather conditions.

Also, our personalized poly mailers, which have all the aforementioned poly mailer qualities, have many layers that offer penetration protection. Its hot melt adhesive flap is the best for tamper resistance, and its bubble pads shield delicate items from shock. Our custom bubble mailers with logo are protected with QR code and barcode.

Different products may vary in their needs for packing. Package N’go gives you a variety of options for both custom poly mailers and personalized bubble mailers like -Wicket Bags, Pre open rolled poly mailers, Returnable poly mailers, Poly Mailers with handles are some types available for poly mailers.

And you can pick one from Clear bubble mailers, Kraft bubble mailers, Poly bubble mailers and Metallic bubble mailers, a diversity available in  custom poly bubble mailers


All of our products are rich in their qualities. 

Single use plastic is the most hazardous material for our environment. And people have understood the importance to reduce pollution. As an environmentally conscious company, Package N’ Go uses sustainable materials with minimum waste and maximum recyclability. Our  personalized bubble mailers and custom poly mailers are made up of eco friendly substances which are easy to recycle. 

And such mailers not only brings the feeling of nature preserver but also brings positivity in your customers when they receive any package.


Package N’go has existed in the packaging industry for more than 50 years. We provide the highest quality materials at the lowest rate than other vendors. Our goal is to cut down on conversion costs and pass those savings on to our customers with reasonably priced and trustworthy products.  We have Global connectivity to deliver your door to door package immediately where you are guaranteed reimbursement in case of any issue with package delivery.

Package N’go with its quality features have wisely stood out in the market. Our clients are not only limited to household companies but we have worked with the major international and multinational companies. We can enlist the major brands that trust our products are Samsung, Loreal Paris, Lowe’s, Walmart, Adore me, Forever21, Glenfiddich, Red Bull, Heineken and HP.


These major brands have impressed their customers with the first glance of their products and now it’s your time to excite the first glance and image of your products. 


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