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POLYTEC is a South Korean manufacturer of automotive brake boosters and clutch booster. The company has years of experience and can provide the best automotive parts.

Polytec promises to always be with customers in order to supply advanced products, high quality, and technology in order to be a sufficiently competitive company in both the domestic and international markets.

With the accumulation of skill, distinguished manpower, and cutting-edge equipment for the sake of specialised production, an outstanding, silent automobile will be produced. 

Polytec Automotive Brake Booster 

A brake booster, it helps to ‘boost’ the performance of the brakes. A brake booster makes it easier for the driver to brake by increasing the force exerted without the need for additional force applied on the foot pedal. This effect is achieved through the use of a vacuum system that amplifies the pressure of the brake pedals lever on the master cylinder, and therefore brakes. It provides assistance to the overall braking system by ensuring the brake pads clamp correctly and with enough force. 

Features of Polytec brake booster parts

Ø  Abrasion resistance

Ø  Easy to install

Ø  Sturdiness

Polytec Automotive Clutch Booster 

A clutch booster for an automobile with a clutch, in one embodiment, comprises a booster member coupled with the clutch for engaging or disengaging the clutch from the engine of the vehicle in response to a force applied to the vehicle’s clutch and means for determining the status of the automobile’s clutch. 

Advantages of Polytec Clutch Booster Parts

Ø  Quality

Ø  Longevity and Durability

Ø  Safe and easy to maintain

Ø  Easily controlled 

Polytec is also committed to providing their valued customers with a high-quality range of brake booster parts and clutch booster parts. These booster parts are available in a variety of specifications and are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. These brake booster parts and clutch booster parts can also be customised to meet the needs of their customers.

If you are looking for an automotive brake boosters and clutch booster, you can find them at Polytec.

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