An ecommerce marketplace connects buyers & sellers on a single platform. The success of running a business in a marketplace is determined by personalization elements, streamlined experiences, and conveniences across all channels. It brings revolutionary business opportunities for small and mid-sized brands who are looking for a good platform to sell their products.  As a seller, online marketplaces allow you to reach more consumers and expand your brand visibility significantly. However, every platform has its unique requirements, listing fees, and product categories. So, if you would like to start selling your products on ecommerce marketplace platforms, upfront research is highly necessary. Continue reading and know all key aspects of selling on online ecommerce marketplace. Definition and Features of The Marketplace An ecom or online marketplace is a multi-channel platform where plenty of service information and products are mainly offered by several third-party sellers. Every online marketplace platform is distinct in its product categories, target audience, listing fees, and specifications. Technically, there are three parties involved in a marketplace – the marketplace operator, online sellers, or vendors & buyers.  Online marketplaces have different taxonomies, however, professionals usually categorize these platforms based on the business models such as B2B marketplaces, B2C marketplaces, C2C C2C & D2C marketplaces.  Nowadays, eCommerce […] read more