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A Brooch is a unisex ornament. Anyone irrespective of gender or age can adorn this beautiful piece of jewellery. The best part is that it is not only used for ornamental purposes but also has a function to perform. We can call it a fancy safety pin that keeps your clothes in place. It fastens your garments together and saves you from a possible embarrassing moment. Haven’t we all seen a decorative brooch with our mothers that she uses to keep her saree pleats intact for festive events? Yes, this humble product can save you and also add a touch of glamour. But are you aware of the brooch story? Well, let’s talk about the evolution of the modern-day brooch. The art of making a brooch belongs to the tribal community called Germanic. They were nomadic tribes and passed on their skills as they moved from one place to another for survival. The Brooch is from the Bronze Age. Metal bars and wires were shaped into a brooch back in the day. Red enamel and coral inlays fulfilled the decoration part. Simple and humble, but high on performing its duty, the brooch evolved with more gemstones, enamelling, and filigree in […] read more
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In the age of evolving fashion, everything is taking a turn. From the return of the old bell-bottomed pants to the new futuristic, dystopian fashion, everyone is experimenting with what they wear. The way people view fashion has changed. People are more engrossed in making a fashion statement and are more focused on standing out in a crowd. Such an emerging fashion trend is Tooth Jewellery or dental Jewellery. Tooth Jewellery So, what is Tooth Jewellery? As unlikely as it sounds, yes, it is jewellery worn on a tooth, and it is taking the world by storm. It can either be small rhinestones, gemstones or even gold attached on teeth. The piece of jewellery is positioned on the frontal part of a person’s teeth. The main aim of this procedure is to make your smile more beautiful and dazzling. It delivers a sort of individuality to whoever adorns it. One of the reasons why this type of jewellery is gaining popularity is because unlike tattoos and piercings, this does not inflict pain for the customer. Therefore, a lot of people, including people who are scared of piercing and tattoos, can try this new fashion trend out. Along with this, unless the customer […] read more
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Aranjanam is essentially a waist chain; a cord-like ornament made of silver or gold or a thick black thread meant for infants and children. Some grown-up boys and girls and sometimes even adults continue wearing them. Aranjanam is a word in the Malayalam dialect whereas in Tamil it is called “Arajan Kayir”. The foremost reason for making a baby wear an aranjanam is to measure healthy growth indicated by the increase in the waistline. Adults, especially women, use it for tightening clothes, like securing the folds when wearing a saree. Namkaran or Naming Ceremony In South India, Aranjanams are given to babies as a part of a ceremony called Namakaran or the Naming Ceremony on the 28th day of baby’s birth. The day is called “Irupathettu”, i.e. the day when the star or the “nakshathram” of the child repeats as per the Malayalam Calendar. On that day, he or she is adorned with a black thread or a gold chain intertwined around the waist. The baby is made to wear his/her first ornament along with kanmashi or kohl and is offered sweet porridge (ghee mixed with honey) as the first meal. The baby is also given a black spot on the cheeks and titled on the forehead […] read more
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We know that earrings are one of the most famous pieces of jewellery worn by people all over the world. An earring is a jewellery item that decorates our ear. Apart from earrings, there are other ornaments like studs, sleepers etc. These ornaments are various classifications of earrings, but jewellery items like studs can also be worn on other parts of our body. Before moving on to the different types of ear jewellery pieces, let us check out the various parts of an ear, where these items are worn most commonly. The Ear Lobe: Ear lobe is the lower hanging area of our ear. It is the most common area of ear-piercing. The cartilage tissue is not present in the ear lobes, unlike other ear parts. Piercings can be made on both upper lobe and lower lobe. Tragus: Tragus is the small curved part of the external ear which connects the ear to our head. It projects immediately in front of the ear canal. Earring models like studs can be pierced in this region. Ear Concha: It is the area present next to the ear canal, inside the ear cartilage. Conch piercings have become popular among the youth over the past […] read more
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Best Way to Purchase Gold and Silver Bullion

Shopping for gold or silver has never been easier, thanks to the many options today. With so many purchasing options, it is easy to get lost in the details of the best approach to purchasing precious physical metals. We respond that the customer’s needs and preferences determine the best method. While there are strong emotions, we must discuss how to purchase gold and silver bullion. Should you buy silver or gold? The most simple and pleasant way to get gold and silver bars is by purchasing them. Investors prefer to buy bars of gold and silver, as they are often less expensive than coins or close to commodity exchange rates. Bars of both gold and silver can be purchased by the ounce. They come in 1-ounce, 10-ounce, and 100-gram sizes. 32.15 ounces are for one-kilogram bars. The internet makes it easy to compare silver and gold prices. These precious metals are sold in troy ounces. They are slightly heavier (approximately 10%) than regular ones. The price of silver and gold on the exchange is a guide to help you compare rates from bullion firms. This will ensure that your budget is calculated relatively. You will be charged a markup depending […] read more
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