The Healing Sparsh Ayurveda clinic based in London, provides Ayurvedic consultations and offers natural, herbal treatments with many years of experience in all Ayurvedic treatments including Kerala Panchakarma. We provide an authentic Ayurvedic treatment regimen, which is followed by dietary advice, herbal remedies, massage treatments, and meditation and yoga to control symptoms, address the underlying dosha imbalance, and fortify the body’s defenses against disease. Come and experience any one of our Ayurvedic treatment packages, or take an Ayurvedic consultation. For more information, please visit our website.  Ayurveda Start an online ayurvedic consultation with our best Ayurvedic doctor from Kerala regarding any of your health issues. Dr. Alexander and his assisting team provide Traditional Ayurveda remedies and care. Book Your appointment now. Body Massage London  read more