Virtual Celebrity Personal Assistants just event planners or administrative assistants? The answer is ‘NO’. These professionals provide all-encompassing solutions for maintaining personal brands and enhancing celebrity outreaches. Leading a celebrity life is an envious one from an outsider’s perspective. With all the glam-sham, money, and affordable luxury; a VIP might be living a life that many of ordinary folks dream of, but maintaining the same status for lifelong calls for ardent careful efforts, smart strategies, and the use of modern technology. A virtual celebrity Personal Assistant who would provide services virtually will be in great demand during the post Coronavirus times. Well, just because social distancing and travel restrictions have become the new norm; celebrities can’t stop reaching out to their fans or stop getting more popular. Once pulled out from the limelight, they are no more a public figure, are they? This Ossisto article is a generous read on the benefits of hiring a Celebrity Personal Assistant. 1. CELEBRITY SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLING If you think all actors, speakers, politicians, sportspeople, and other top celebrities are managing their own social media profiles; then, you got it all wrong. Many of them entrust their portfolios with their personal assistants. More than just adding pictures and content, […] read more