We observed that our atmosphere is altering and the temperature of the world has increased which can drive to drastic transformations in our life and other living beings’ lives. Climate change takes place because of human actions like burning oils, petrol, and gas and producing such gases which are harmful to the planet’s ecosystem. It may sound that a few degrees of temperature will not influence the earth although, it started to have a research proposal writing service ottawa great consequence on marine beings as well a few islands are verged to submerge into the water due to glaciers melting and it’s due to global warming. when we burn fossil fuels such as coal, fuels, other types of energies, which are not natural gases to produce energy that lead to high production of greenhouse gases that are reliable for entangling the sun’s heat on earth which is the cause of global warming and climate change. THE approach to change old system to new   A prominent teacher of maths undertook an eye-opening scheme for improving the quality of education in high schools regarding climate change. He recalled that while he was a teacher in a high school got material ( […] read more