Spring is usually Sydney’s peak buying and selling period. So if you’re thinking about buying a new home or investment property, now could be the time to buy before the end of the year. In this special article series, I will be giving you expert tips to help you prepare for finding the right property. In this special series, we’ve looked at defining your property needs, hiring your property dream team, and doing your research. Now it’s time to consider working with a selling agent, to get the best deal. What does a selling agent do? Unless they choose to sell the property themselves, most sellers will hire a real estate agent (selling agent) to get the highest possible sale price. This means the agent works for the seller, and not for prospective buyers.   That being said, a selling agent can still help you find the perfect property. Here’s how: Access off-market properties If you have a good relationship with a selling agent, you may be able to see properties before they’re listed. Just make sure they know what you’re looking for – and that they add your details to their database. You should also keep in regular contact with them, […] read more