Tennis is widely known to be incredibly helpful to one’s health for a variety of reasons. There are, of course, bodily benefits to the exercise that you are doing, but there are also social and psychological benefits. It is regarded as one of the healthiest sports by scientists and doctors worldwide since it provides general physical, emotional, and mental benefits while also adding years to your life. Happiness Tennis, unlike a gym workout, utilises both your head and your body at the same time. Tennis players are more self-assured, healthier, less stressed, and socially active. Mind-Body Development Tennis is a tactical game that needs vigilance, tactical thinking, and problem solving. There is some new medical evidence that the game develops new neural connections, promoting a lifetime of continuing brain development. Health Tennis has numerous physical health benefits, including the ability to burn calories, grow muscle groups, develop bone strength, improve flexibility, fine tune coordination, and improve overall fitness and health. Life’s Lessons Participants, especially younger ones, gain work ethic, sportsmanship, leadership abilities, accept responsibility, improve discipline, compete, cope with pressure and adversity, build healthy habits, learn teamwork, and cope with loss. read more