If you’re looking for the top digital marketing programmes in my area (formerly Calcutta), India, you’ve come to the perfect place. The top 5 digital marketing training schools, course details, course modules, course fees, instructors, and more are covered in detail in this post. Nearly 600 million people in India are expected to have access to the internet by the end of 2020.

In practically every major city across the nation, there are now more digital gurus, courses, and institutes due to the rising need for digital competence.

Since most professionals now operate online and everything is now digital, there is no longer a distinction between individuals who require significant assistance and those who do not.

Few people had previously worked in digital marketing, so those considering it as a career option a few years ago needed to gain a wide range of skills. More and more digital learners are striving to find a niche for themselves and promote themselves as authorities in that field. Due to increased desire for specialism, training facilities started to update their services and follow the fad.

One of the most active cities in the nation is Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. Numerous Digital Marketing Institutes provide current digital education. You must, however, keep your goals in mind and relate them to the institution that best satisfies your needs.

1. The Academy Of Digital Marketing offers an online course in digital marketing

The Academy of Digital Marketing is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for an online training programme that offers students agency-based coaching. Through alliances with renowned digital marketing companies across the nation, the institute offers its students comprehensive training and 100% placement support. You might learn affiliate marketing, personal branding, Facebook and Google advertising, and more with guidance from local and global authorities in the field. Apply for the fresh batch that will start the following month.

2. Internet Marketing

One of Kolkata’s most well-known digital marketing training institutions, Internet Marketing has quickly established a reputation for itself. This 2016 establishment, a Google partner and ISO 9001:2015 accredited institution, is renowned for its top-notch classroom instruction in cutting-edge technology and real project collaboration. Students will receive a certificate of completion and 100% placement assistance after completing the course. Furthermore, in order to prevent the cost of learning from rising too high, the payment system has been made as flexible as possible. Over 6000 students have received successful training, and more than 4000 of them are now working in well-known industries. existing programmes: Currently, they provide both offline and online courses.

3. A non-profit organisation devoted to enhancing people’s lives is called The Vision Upliftment Academy

There are several different digital marketing courses available at the reputable digital marketing training institute Vision Upliftment Academy in Kolkata. This institution focuses on developing its students’ creative skills. They offer thorough live classroom training that can benefit business owners, professionals in the workforce, students, and industry executives alike. You can choose from a variety of digital courses. There is a comprehensive Digital Marketing school with over 24 modules accessible. Students are everything, and ties are exceptionally strong, according to their extremely effective and engaging teaching strategy. Ground provides you with a setting in which you may develop and protect your career, and if you have faith in yourself, you can do anything.

4.The website SEOPromoz encourages search engine optimisation

Unquestionably, one of the top places in Kolkata to master digital marketing is PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy. You may learn all you need to know about full-stack digital marketing, including SEO, Google Ads PPC, Social Media Optimisation & Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing Freelancing, and more, in this excellent course in Kolkata. Since its establishment in 2014, PromozSEO has supervised hundreds of corporate clients and brands while training over 5,000 students and working professionals. They were named one of Silicon India’s Top 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Training Institutes. 

5.Calcutta Media Institute


CMI was established in 2011 by ABP Pvt. Ltd. in Calcutta to offer a PGDM in digital marketing in addition to other media, business, and communications courses. Any of our digital marketing courses will provide you with a broad range of digital skills. In Kolkata, the CMI establishes a standard for online education. Postgraduate degrees in social media and digital marketing are increasingly offered.


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