Do you think the only methods for promoting your YouTube channel are paid advertisements or high-end strategies?

Then you’ll relish making this one mistake. If you’re wondering how to market your youtube channel, and Gain YouTube Views, we have the answer for you.

It will require some work, some time, some research, and some trial and error. However, it will eventually be possible.

There is no better time than the present to discover how to promote a YouTube channel.

  1. Distribute Your Youtube Channel For Free

If you want to be listed among the top ways to promote YouTube videos, you must use as many promotional strategies as you can. The strategies below can help you advertise your YouTube channel.

Optimise: elevating the visibility of videos

Use useful titles and descriptions.

Create a unique thumbnail.

Be sure to look your audience in the eye.

Recognising your target market’s preferences

Promote your YouTube videos consistently.

Promote and run paid advertisements on your YouTube channel.

Create videos in high resolution

Hold contests.

collaborative marketing

Set up playlists.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel Freely

Here are some totally free strategies for promoting your YouTube channel.

  1. Improving Videos’ Visibility

The first and most important step in promoting your YouTube channel is to optimise it.

Along with Google, people search for videos on YouTube. Make sure your films appear in their search results as a result.

In 2018, YouTube was the second most popular search keyword. How a term might raise the rank of a YouTube video is not explicitly defined. But a little bit of research can go a long way.

  1. Give your video’s relevant keywords first priority

For instance, “workout from home lessons” produce far better outcomes than “workout from home advice.”

  1.  Use Informative Titles And Descriptions

The video title is the first thing a user sees, and if it’s uninteresting, it can be the last thing they watch.

Composing Powerful And Attractive Titles And Descriptions

Keep your title succinct and concise; the names of most popular videos are short. Keep your tags to 60 characters or less to avoid having them cut off when displayed.

Make sure the keyword appears in the title before any other words to prevent losing important information. Most online users only pay attention to the title’s first few words and dismiss the rest.

  1. Create A Unique Thumbnail

Making a customised thumbnail is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to promote your YouTube channel. The customised thumbnail provides viewers with a succinct summary of your video’s subject matter.

YouTube automatically generates thumbnails for each video, however they could not be visible, or they might be blurry or out of focus. For each video you submit, make an appealing thumbnail to boost views.

Thumbnail Tips For Free Youtube Channel Promotion

For the greatest outcomes from thumbnails, follow these simple recommendations.

The formats JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG are all acceptable.

Use a 2-MB maximum high-contrast picture for your video.

Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio is OK)

Clicks can be increased by using text and colours.

Make sure to choose a close-up picture.

Utilise a stock image.

  1. Which Websites Contain Video Keywords?

Searching for potential keywords using Google Ads and the Keyword Planner.

Check the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for the query. (Are the top ranking results written or video content?)

Once more, try a different keyword. Make use of words like “tutorials,” “tips,” and “how to.” Please get in touch with us if you’re experiencing difficulties seeing video results.

  1. Contact Your Audience

Engaging with your YouTube channel is one of the finest free methods to promote it.

YouTubers need to interact with their audience all the time, not only provide content.

The most well-liked YouTubers interact with their followers and monitor their channel to see how well their videos are performing.

Both positive and negative feedback must be addressed.

Your viewers will be drawn in, and posting some engaging videos will increase your subscriber count.

Discover your top viewers using Google Analytics, and be sure to thank them.

Understanding Your Audience and Their Likes and Dislikes

Make sure the YouTube content you create or share will be interesting to your audience.

Finding out who your audience is and what kind of video content they want to see from you should be your first step whether you’re writing a blog post or creating a video.

Let’s say you choose YouTube channels at first to advertise your videos.

Check out the YouTube channels of your rivals.

Look at their most popular videos and the level of audience participation.

  1. Spend Money On Youtube Marketing And Campaigns

Nowadays, marketing is increasingly pay-to-play; by acquiring Youtube advertising, you can improve your visibility. There are several different video ad formats available on YouTube:

Sponsored cards: These cards have particular advertisements on them. Use these sponsored cards to promote your products.

There are two types of commercials that play before or during the video: skippable and non-skippable. While skippable advertisements can be seen after the commercial has ended, non-skippable advertisements cannot be skipped after five seconds.

Only available on computers, display ads are seen on the ride-side of the video.

Only available on desktop, overlay ads are semi-transparent commercials that show at the bottom of videos.

  1. Make High-Definition Videos

Low-quality video production can undermine even the most compelling content. Make sure your videos seem professional before submitting them. Before making a video, use a good camera, perform a sound check, and be familiar with some editing techniques.

  1. Run Activities

Another excellent strategy to increase participation is to run online competitions. Your channel may receive a lot of likes, comments, and new subscribers with just one video posted. You may find a blog post on how to manage a successful YouTube competition here.

  1. Brands Working Together

Creating a brand partnership is another fantastic method for growing your audience. It might also enable you to generate new content ideas if you run out of ones.

Select product lines that both reflect your personality and the needs of your target market. Look for alternatives if dealing with a particular brand does not make sense. Brands that are not genuine have the ability to do more harm than good.

  1. Be consistent with the promotion of your YouTube videos

It’s crucial to consistently promote both your own and other people’s videos.

When you publish a new video, be sure to update your social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram; this will draw in more viewers while also bringing back memories of your earlier works.

Make sure to adhere to a particular colour palette and theme. It will help you create your own identity.

Ensure that the channel art, video introduction, and visuals all work together.

  1. Create A Playlist (An Image Of A Playlist)

Making playlists is a fantastic way to draw in more viewers. It’s because the next video starts as soon as the previous one ends, which makes these videos a little addictive.

Use video in the introduction and conclusion.

A important component of a campaign that is simple to execute is using an opening and outro video to establish your brand personality.

A 3- to 4-second opening video plays at the start of the clip. A video that plays at the conclusion of a video and invites viewers to subscribe to your channel is called an outro.

  1. Include a call to action

Include CTA buttons in your movie to maximise the potential of your viewers.

If you want visitors to click over to other pages of your website, the CTAs must always be compelling and obvious.

YouTube now offers a new call to action extension for in-stream advertising. However, there are a number of free ways to add CTAs to movies.

  1. Activate

YouTube is the most widely used live streaming website. Use this to your advantage by giving them engaging content. Events, webinars, and live Q&As are all options. YouTube is yet another fantastic place to find ideas.

fourteen promotional YouTube videos

There’s a good likelihood that you’re covering overlapping, related themes on YouTube. To get the most out of your older content, cross-promote your videos when it makes sense.

Use Of Social Media To Promote Youtube Channels

Make sure to use the greatest social media platforms to market your YouTube channel for free. Since social media has become more and more popular, it is now essential to promote the channel there.

By promoting the YouTube channel on numerous social media sites, viewers are more likely to see the videos and the likelihood that they will be missed is reduced. But it’s crucial to market your YouTube channel in the right way and place.

  1. Here’s how to promote your YouTube channel using social media.

Choosing the appropriate social media platform is step one.

It’s time to update and promote your channel on social media if your subscriber and viewer counts are falling. Select the websites you’ll use to advertise YouTube channels first, though.

Because each social media site has a unique content style, community, and relationship personality, choosing the correct one is crucial. Instagram and Twitter both allow for direct messaging, making them great social media sites for developing connections.

  1. Increase Gradually And Concentrately

To interact with fans outside of YouTube, it makes sense to concentrate on a single platform. Before progressively switching to new platforms, you’ll be able to estimate how long it will take to properly manage and operate on the profile.

  1. Make Use Of Your Own Accounts

even if a strategist is in charge of managing your account. It is advantageous to manage an account independently since you will learn about user behaviour, the type of information offered, and the language used by the app or website.


Look over your videos to see what you can change to get more subscribers and views. You will learn more about it and gather knowledge as you look into it deeper, which will help your visitors grow.


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