The Fancy Room : the best alternative to interior designers


Fancy’s objective is to change the way interior design/renovation is perceived by making it accessible to all and centered on the client through a customized path.



Ludovic, a former director of a mortgage brokerage agency specializing in personalities and non-residents (NATO vice chief of staff, AXA world chief economist, etc.), saw how difficult it was for his clients to find an interior design service that was as much about affordability, as it was about the expertise of its service providers, as it was about the customer experience.

He therefore founded The Fancy Room, a start-up offering to design, renovate and/or finance one’s interior while being accompanied by a project manager at 10% of the usual rate of an interior designer.

A first seed round of 150k€ and the support of business angels such as Guillaume Lavoisier (CCO and board member of the startup Partoo) or Frédéric AUBRY (CFO of the promoter Quartus) now place this project in the category of those who probably deserve some attention.

Between being alone or accompanied at a high price: isn’t it better to be with Fancy ?

Thanks to Fancy, there is now a third solution for designing and renovating your new home. Concretely, and if we take as an example a 40m2 project including 60,000€ of work, there are now three types of accompaniment:

● Being alone and/or renovating with separate providers (decorator, plumber, electrician, etc.).

○ Cost: about 1 500€ (decorator’s fees) + work estimate.. ● Use an interior designer.

○ Cost: about 9,000€ (design and site monitoring) + work estimate..

● Choose Fancy. 3D decorator, shopping list, reliable craftsman, financing without file fees, all

file, all accompanied by a project manager.

○ Cost: about 1,200€ (design, meeting with a pre-validated craftsman and customer follow-up) + work estimate.

The promise gives envy: a digital service, customer centric, accessible and made in France, agrees Madame Figaro who selected it as the Deco Start-up of the year 2023 (article “Carnet de Rencontres” to be published on 3/04/2023).

As a bonus: they propose to finance your “Fancy Room” thanks to a personal loan (AXA) which allows you to avoid the current restrictions observed on certain real estate loan applications.


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