The Top 7 Music Album Reviews Sites Of 2023

As we move forwards 21st century, music consumption changes with each passing day

Customary strategies for paying attention to music, like buying Albums or downloading melodies from iTunes, are turning out to be less famous.

A new age of music generation is rising, and they are sorting their music out by visiting music album review sites.

In this article, we will investigate our 7 best Music Album Reviews Site that you can use to step up your mindfulness and get certifiable praises and analysis of your singles or album


What are the best music album reviews site?



Melobeam is one of the most well known music review sites around. It has turned into a go-to hotspot for non mainstream music fans.


The site covers different classifications, from hip-bounce to electronic, and gives inside and out surveys of both new and exemplary collections.



Top to bottom surveys, covers a great many types, has celebrations, and an extensive variety of publication staff.


2.Music Review World

Music Review World is a rising platform on the web that brings incredible open doors for performers, particularly free artists. known to be an expert stage for professionals and novices who need to begin a career in the music business.


At Music Review World, you can get to top notch and fascinating substance for nothing to begin all through your excursion easily.


Besides, they likewise offer music surveys and music submissions which can get your music or video front of thousands of individuals.



They are generally new yet quickly developing free music, EP, Album review, and promotional platform, They cover many classifications and work with just master reviewers who give a fair review of music and albums.


The amount Does Music Survey World expense?

Music Survey World costs start from €25 up to €45 max for you to get your music inspected and afterward appropriately promoted.They charge for it to be finished by proficient music reviewers on their editorial team who are paid to do this


3.Rollin Stone

 Rollin Stone is one of the most famous music magazines on the planet. It was established in 1967 and has turned into a main voice in the music business.

 The site covers all sorts of music, from rock to pop, and gives album reviews and artists interviews.

 Rollin Stone has many entertainment expos, including the Grammy Awards and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


Iconic music magazine, organises entertainment ceremonies along with the album reviews they post.

 What amount does Rollin Stone cost?

Rollin Stone appears to be not to be straightforward with their valuing. also, it’s so obvious to us. you simply need to reach them to get highlighted.


4.Consequence of Sound

The Consequence of Sound is a generally new music site established in 2007.

 The site covers different classifications, from indie rock to hip-hop, and gives news and reviews.

 The Consequence of Sound additionally has a few live concerts, remembering the Lollapalooza Live event for Chicago and the Okeechobee Live performance in Florida.


Covers a great many genres.

 The amount does Consequence of Sound cost?

The Consequence of Sound doesn’t charge for reviews to date and it’s truly challenging for independent performers to get one from them as similar to pitchfork and Rollin Stone referenced previously. you need to simply ask by email.

5.The Guardian

The Guardian is a UK-based paper that has been in activity starting around 1821.

 The paper covers a great many subjects, including music, and gives news and surveys. The Guardian additionally has numerous live events, including the Latitude Festival and the Reading and Leeds Festivals.


A great many subjects was covered, laid out for quite a while.

 The amount does The Guardian cost?

The Guardian is an incredibly cutthroat site to get highlighted on and they made it clear they do music reviews free of charge, reaching them can prompt a free review of your music, An expert tip is you can perhaps be a yearly benefactor and afterward utilize that as a way to get a free music review sometime in the future. in any case, music review is free



AllMusic is one of the biggest music review sites on the planet.

 It was established in 1991 and gave reviews of both new and exemplary collections. AllMusic additionally includes a few artists  life stories and discographies.


An enormous information base of surveys highlights artists life stories and discographies.

 The amount Does AllMusic cost?

AllMusic is an intuitive music stage that is allowed to get your music checked on by clients and furthermore it could cost something to get your music hand-picked for review.



NME is a UK-based music magazine that has been in activity starting around 1952.

 The magazine covers different classifications, from non mainstream rock to pop, and gives news and surveys. NME likewise has various live performances, including the Reading and Leeds Festivals.


Extensive variety of classifications covered, has celebrations.

 What amount does NME cost?

NME is free, they appear to offer some kind of review handpicked, so you should pitch to them and they will uncover their expense to get on that opening slot on the site. 

FAQ On Music Review Sites


Who is the best music critic?

There is nobody size-fits-all solution to this inquiry as it is abstract and changes from one individual to another. It is ideal to read different music critics and find somebody whose feelings line up with your genre of music.


How do i get music reviews?

You can find music reviews on different stages, including music sites, music web journals, magazines, and papers. You can likewise utilize social media to track down proposals from other music lovers. Most particularly Instagram we know a great deal of them who utilize just the stage


Do people read music reviews?

Indeed, many individuals read music reviews to assist them with finding new music, find out about a artists most recent album or track, or gain a more profound comprehension of a specific kind or artist.



As may be obvious, there are various different music review blogs, each with its aces, most music review sites out there have this approach they maintain that you should reach them and they can send you their cost for inspecting and highlighting your music.


While picking a site to get your music review, it is vital to find one that covers the genres you are keen on and gives reviews that you can trust.




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