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WALKBOT, a manufacturer of walking rehabilitation robots, has created the world’s first advanced gait training robot for walking disorders and lower limb rehabilitation. 

Advantages of Walkbot

Ø  SUPERIOR: The Walkbot provides an accurate and superlative therapeutic effect on locomotor retraining according to numerous anecdotal testimonies of our clients and clinicians, empirical evidence and clinical trials from researchers.

Ø  NATURAL: The Walkbot, lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot is engineered to provide most natural kinematic and kinetic as well as energy efficient gait patterns, which help clients with acute and severe stroke, spinal cord injury or gait impairments to reestablish the optimal and automatic locomotor pattern and to accelerate faster recovery during the initial rehabilitation phase.

Ø  INTERACTIVE: The Walkbot, lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot provides an intelligent interactive mode which automatically accommodates spasticity or associated stiffness, assistance and resistance forces, walking speed, and hip, knee, and ankle joint kinetics according to the client’s ongoing locomotor performance to maximize ‘automatic’ locomotor relearning, retention, and full recovery.

Ø  FUNCTIONAL: The Walkbot, lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot provides a variety of fun, functional rehabilitation exercises associated with walking such as soccer ball kicking, game etc, to optimize neuromotor control of locomotion in clients. Also Walkbot provides a various training mode focus on the patient’s body condition. From Basic mode for the first starter of Walkbot, to intensive course for the advanced patients for more active treatment.

Ø  ECOMONICAL: The Walkbot, lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot provides cost-effective return in the long-run based on the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) of a long-run total cost.

Ø  MOTIVATION: The Walkbot provides exciting customized 3-dimensional augmented reality exercise games so that our clients actually do not perceive the gait training as a form of therapy, rather enjoy walking in interactive and ecologically natural or virtual environments as used. 

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