Weekend Trip to Nagarhole from Mysore

The Nagarhole National Park is one of the most popular and sought-after  weekend getaways for many from Mysore. To convert the boring weekends into a thrilling one, map out the destination through an ecstatic road trip. The pristine natural beauty is totally worthy of admiration for the gorgeous greenery. The lush green forests provide the utmost relaxation especially after a long, tiring week. Nagarhole is situated in Kodagu and Mysore districts of Karnataka and well connected with Bangalore and Mysore. From Mysore, the distance is 78.4 km approx which takes 2 hours to reach Nagarhole. 


Day 1: Start from Mysore railway station or airport or your abode in the morning and reach Nagarhole by noon. Check in to the pre-booked hotel or resort. After having lunch and a nap, go for the first jungle safari at the Nagarhole National Park, which starts from 3:00 pm till 7:00 pm in the evening. 

The Nagarahole jeep safari booking provides the best experience of encountering wildlife right in front of the eyes. The jeep safari is the best option for a small group of people.  Other than that, tourists can also avail bus safari. The forest department conducts the wildlife safari from different gates – Nanchhi Gate (Kutta) and Veerana Hosahalli Gate.


The herbivore species include antelope, wild boar, chital, grey langur, baring deer, sambar deer and Indian Elephant.

The carnivore species at the Nagarhole include leopards, sloth bear, mongoose, European otter, jungle cats and striped hyena, and needless to mention the Bengal Tigers.

The Indian giant flying squirrel and the golden jackal are also among the top attractions. Endangered snakes, mugger crocodiles, lizards, dung beetles, ants, etc are also a part of Nagarhole biodiversity.

Nagarhole also shelters a considerable range of bird varieties such as Nilgiri wood pigeon, Indian robin, the oriental back-striped vulture, Indian peafowl, painted bush quail, blue-winged parakeet, Malabar grey hornbill and darters.


Day 2 : Begin the day with the morning safari, which starts from 5:30 am till 10:00 am. The morning slots are considered to be the best time for safaris.  The serene aura of the forest in the morning spreads a meditational trance. 


The mesmerising flora of the Nagarhole National Park envelops sandalwood, teakwood and rosewood trees in the southern region. Whereas in the eastern part, crocodile bark tree, axle wood tree and thorny wattle tree steals the show. 

The dry deciduous forest is dominated by the Indian kino tree, grewia tiliaefolia tree, axle wood tree, crocodile bark tree, schleichera trijuga tree,kadam tree, cotton tree and many more.


Return to the resort/hotel, have breakfast and check out and depart to Mysore.


With an extra day, some of the nearby popular attractions mentioned below, can be covered.

  1. Kabini forest reserve (50 km)
  2. Kabini dam (47.4 km)
  3. Iruppu falls/ Lakshmana Tritha (29 km)
  4. Rameshwara temple (75.2 km)
  5. Balle elephant camp (49.3 km)
  6. Taraka dam (32.4 km)
  7. Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary (95.3 km)
  8. Abbey falls (80.1 km)
  9. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary (23.6 km)
  10. Kutta, the border town of Kodagu (20.9 km)




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