Why is IIMS the Top PGDM College in Pune?


A postgraduate diploma in management (PGDM) program is a great approach to advancing one’s professional prospects and obtaining a competitive edge in the workplace. While preparing to gain admission to a Top PGDM college in Pune itself is a challenging task, narrowing down which of these top PGDM colleges in Pune is the best option for you is an equally daunting task. 


Here’s an article that presents the offering of the International Institute of Management Studies (IIMS), which has become a popular option for many students. IIMS offers a comprehensive and well-rounded education that prepares students for success in the workplace thanks to its top-notch academics, industry-relevant curriculum, strong industry contacts, and holistic development strategy, which makes it the Top PGDM college in Pune. Here are the reasons why IIMS is the Top PGDM college in Pune:


Industry-relevant curriculum

One of the main reasons IIMS Pune is considered the Top PGDM college in Pune is its industry-relevant curriculum. Students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the opportunities and difficulties of the business world thanks to the design of the curriculum and regular modifications.


The PGDM program at IIMS is created to give students the expertise and skills required for success in the corporate world. The institute’s curriculum is created in collaboration with industry experts to guarantee that it is in alignment with the most recent market trends and demands. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in management and business principles while also letting them specialize in a field of theirchoice.

A variety of courses covering several facets of company management, including marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and strategy, are included in the curriculum. The curriculum also offers classes that emphasize honing vital abilities like problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking—skills that are needed for success in the workplace.


In response to developments in the industry, IIMS regularly updates its courses to ensure that the curriculum is current and up-to-date, which helps strengthen its outlook as the top PGDM college in Pune. The institute modifies its courses in response to feedback from alumni and industry experts to identify new trends and demands. This guarantees that students have the most recent knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the constantly changing business world.


The IIMS has a stellar track record of producing graduates who are ready to assume leadership roles in a variety of industries thanks to its industry-relevant curriculum. Students gain a thorough awareness of the corporate environment through the curriculum’s emphasis on practical applications and real-world scenarios, enabling them to apply what they have learned to actual problems. This is the biggest and the most important reason why IIMS is the Top PGDM college in Pune. 


World-class faculty and infrastructure

Here’s the next reason why IIMS is the top PGDM college in Pune. 


The faculty at IIMS has a reputation for being of the highest caliber and expertise, which makes it the Top PGDM college in Pune. The instructors the school employs bring a great deal of expertise and insight to the classroom. These professors have a wealth of experience in industry, research, and teaching in addition to being authorities in their domains. The student-to-faculty ratio at IIMS is 12:1, which guarantees that each student receives personalized care and support from the professors.


In addition to its faculty, the International Institute of Management Studies is proud to provide cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure that improve the educational experience for students. The institute has modern classrooms with all the necessary amenities for stimulating and participatory instruction. Students can use a large selection of books, journals, and other reference materials in the IIMS library to support their academic work.

The IIMS computer lab has the most recent technology and software, enabling students to complete projects and assignments quickly. Also, the institute features a sizable auditorium that can hold a sizable crowd for conferences, seminars, and other events.


In addition, IIMS’s infrastructure contains recreation areas for students to unwind and rest after long study sessions, including a gym, a sports field, and a café. The institute’s lodging options are likewise excellent, with cozy, roomy quarters that promote a welcoming home and productive learning environment, as you would expect from a top PGDM college in Pune. 


Strong industry connections


A crucial factor that determines the worthiness of a Top PGDM college in Pune is its network with the leading businesses in the market. Such leading businesses from a variety of industries have forged solid relationships with IIMS. These links give students a wealth of chances to interact with business leaders, acquire first hand knowledge, and improve their employment prospects. The IIMS Pune has ties in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, banking, retail, and manufacturing.


Additionally, students from this Top PGDM college in Pune have the chance to participate in real-world projects, internships, and business visits because of IIMS’s industry links. Students gain hands-on experience in a live business setting through these activities, allowing them to apply what they have learned to actual circumstances. Also, students get the opportunity to network with professionals in the sector and create meaningful contacts that may open up job prospects for them after graduation.


Rankings & Recognitions:

Here is a further crucial element that makes IIMS Pune the top PGDM college in Pune. Over the years, the institute has won numerous accolades, including “Best Business School in Placements” by Navabharat Group in 2022, 2021, and 2019, as well as “Top 10 Most Famous Institutes in Maharashtra” by The Knowledge Review in 2018 and 2019.


The “Global Award for Best B School in Placements 2018” at the International Education Congress and Forbes India Marquee’s “Great Indian Institution 2018” are two other noteworthy honors this Top PGDM college in Pune has received. Moreover, the institute was placed sixth and eighth for top private MBA institutions in Pune and Maharashtra, respectively, in Outlook’s India’s Best B School Survey 2023. This ranking was based on Business Barons’ assessment of the institute’s potential and growth management programs. Also, it received an “A++” rating and an “A+++” rating in Business India’s 2015 B School Survey.



In conclusion, the outstanding teachers, facilities, industry-focused curriculum, contacts with businesses, and recognition, IIMS Pune is the Top PGDM college in Pune. Personal attention is made possible by the 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Students are prepared for a successful career with the redesigned curriculum, partnerships with business leaders, and practical internships. The institute’s accolades support its leading position.


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